2022 Updates


Well well well, it has been a while hasn’t it?

I’ve been quite busy in the last few months so I haven’t had much time to get around to updating this guy, but I figured I’d do a quick one.

Applications Developer

Wowie! What’s that? I was finally able to escape the grasps of IT and got a job as an applications developer! I’m really pleased with the outcome here as this is exactly what I wanted. I work for the city and get to make really cool applications for my department. I was really nervous at first because I was asked to work with some frameworks I had never touched before in my life and was afraid I wasn’t cut out for it. But you know me, I did a quick search and followed a few guides and quickly caught myself up to speed.

I develop all my stuff in Python, which is awesome. Mostly creating automation tools and applications to help speed things up and they can be used well into the future. I’m really really enjoying my time at this job. These are similar to the apps I had built as a sys admin back in the day, but more robust and I get to devote all my time to them! I hope I can share more about the projects I’m working on at a later date, but just know I’ve got some cool things cooking in the kitchen.

It’s amazing how quickly you start to develop better habits when working on code over time. I’ll even look back at the code I wrote my first week here (which was just 2 months ago) and feel queasy looking at it. Most of my stuff has been rewritten several times just because I found better ways to manage them. I’ve grown as a developer and continue doing so, and that’s quite a treat.

Game Dev updates!

Sadly, not a lot is going on here. I really need to make some time to get back on the horse and start pumping things out. I’m considering moving Cheems Challenge to C++/SDL instead of Monogame. Mostly just to really familiarize myself with C++ and get better at it. I’ve been really learning how to read and write binary files and I think it’d be a good fit to create some tools to store all of the Cheems Challenge assets into my own proprietary container file type. Who really knows at this point. All of my time is devoted to Python!

And that’s all I’ve got for Jan 2022. I’m considering revamping my site sometime in the near future but again, that’s when I have some time :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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