Based64 is a program I made to simply file deployments for IT Administrators. Written in Python.

What does it do?

Run Based64 and it will bring up a file prompt. Select a file and it will create a powershell with the base64 information embedded within. You can select where you’d like the generated files to be placed on the receiving computer.

Why was it created?

When I was working as an IT Administrator, we had a certain client that would have updates to one of their systems in the form of a .zip file. Originally, we were having to remote into every machine and extract the data to the specified folders manually. I originally created the PowerShell script so that we could place the file on the user’s computer and execute the script with a remote console. The problem was, every time there was an update they would ask me to remake the script. Thus, Based64 was born!
Based64 Icon

This allowed my colleagues to update the script on their own whenever a new .zip was deployed. They just open Based64, select the new .zip file, and out comes the powershell script. No need to manually transfer the .zip files anymore. Just place the PS script on the guest’s PC, execute it remotely, and all of the contents would be unzipped into the correct folder and replacing any out of date files.

I figured something like this would be useful in most cases, so I’ve added some extra parameters to it like where you’d like the file to unpack.

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