CSV Join

CSV Join is a command line application designed in house to join Active Directory and Payroll data together in a single document. Written in C# (originally in VB.net)

What does it do?

We had an automated script that would output all of our Active Directory data to a .csv file. We then had another script that would extract payroll data to .csv. CSV Join used Microsoft JET SQL engine to join the data together based on name and employee numbers so that we would have one single .csv file with all of the data needed for our CSM. The CSM required the data to be in a specific order, so this program also had to take in data and reorganize it so that it was formatted correctly in the output CSV file. It ran nightly and would automatically output the file in the folder where the CSM software would grab and update any new information.

Why was it created?

It got to a point where the company I worked at was looking for a solution to combine this data. They didn’t have a large budget but knew it was something that needed to happen. After I got more information on it, I told them I could do it. I originally created it in Visual Basic with a GUI, but we found out that we couldn’t run that automatically with a scheduled task. I ported the code over to a C# Console application which could be scheduled to run. It was ultimately created to save the company money and time trying to find a product.

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